Iisland Cottages in Ii

We have five different cottages for rent: Uoma and Pauhu, and Aava, Usva and Uitto, which will be completed in spring 2024. The cottages are located in Ii, Northern Finland, with good transport connections. From all cottages you can make the excursions we offer to the Ii River and the sea.

All cottages are located near water in Ii and are easily accessible by car. The cottages are presented in more detail on their own pages.

WHY choose Ii? In Ii you will find peace, nature, culture and services. In addition, accessibility is almost excellent.

Nature: the magnificent, historic River Ii runs through the village and the estuary with its many branches is a hidden gem. Try the easily accessible Hiastinhaara nature trail. There you’ll find marine life everywhere. An excursion to the island of Röyttä in Ii, for example, is memorable. There are plenty of places to launch boats and also boats for hire.

For culture lovers, there is plenty to do and see in Ii. For more information, click here and here.

Airports: Oulu and Kemi Airports are less than an hour away and Rovaniemi is just over two hours away.

Oulu and Oulu Airport are just around the corner. Just over half an hour from the centre of Oulu and you are enjoying our lovely island. We are also happy to serve you on your way to Lapland. A rest in soft sheets and a sauna will make you feel much better.


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